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draped girl and bird

So sorry

I know I keep apologising but there is no good excuse for my absences. I gave in to depression and I just fell into only sharing on Facebook and not really sharing my feelings on anything. I am mainly using my I Pad and I just wasn't happy with the format of the livejournal application. Thank you lj for changing it all for the better. The picture is from Facebook and so pretty. It is way past my bedtime, so I will share more soon.



It's good to know you are all right. I often wondered. I will inbox you my Facebook in case you feel like adding me there. I seldom post, but I do read it once a day or so.

I love this rose painting. *steals*

I have a big computer, and Livejournal STILL is extremely frustrating. It is slow and bloated with way too many scripts and stuff.