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Jan. 18th, 2007

draped girl and bird

Setting a Precedent


I am sharing this link because I feel outraged over it and I really do feel that a precedent is being set that we will live to regret.
What would you do if your wife, husband, partner, sister or friend tried to hurt themselves, to take a lot of pills and said they wanted to die? Would you try in which ever way you could to stop them? Consider the fact that they are hysterical, lashing at you and fighting, adrenalin pumping and you you have to do anything you can to stop them! After it's over.... the suicidal person charges you with assault!
What if you are a state politician.... and your career is on the line because of these charges?
What sort of precedent are we setting here?
Would he have been better to have said to her "Okay..... kill yourself!" Leave the area and then face the guilt when she dies?
You cannot always discuss the situation rationally with a suicidal person.... so what do you do?
Will a new law be passed to suggest that suicide is acceptable and that no-one will intervene? I could go on and on........ but I'm just angry over this. He is my state member and he has been doing a great job.

Jan. 8th, 2007

draped girl and bird

Pity Party Over

Well folks..... I had a wonderful Pity Party, but now it's all over and life is returning to normal. Sadly the hot weather stopped me from getting on the computer but I did catch up on a bit of reading. A few years ago I collected the whole series of 'The Agatha Christie Crime Collection', with 3 complete stories in each volume. I have only recently decided to actually read them.... usually books are best read and not allowed to gather dust on the shelf. Over my week away I read 'The Pale Horse' and it took me 3 days to read that. Then I started 'Cards on The Table' and got so engrossed that I read that in a day! Right now I'm half way through 'Dumb Witness' and I'm enjoying myself. I have no excuse to feel bored.... I collected so many books and all of them are waiting for me to read them.
Usually I prefer True Crime books and other Non- fiction books.... but I am starting to enjoy a few works of fiction. Variety is the spice of life.... I think that is the old saying.
My family and I went off to see 'Night in a Museum' with Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and Owen Wilson. We absolutely loved it.... never mind the critics comments..... I'm sure the critics wouldn't know good humour from horse manure! Russell enjoyed it and everyone laughed..... and as far as I am concerned the critics are idiots.
I sometimes think that I will first check the movie reviews before viewing the film.... and if the reviews are bad.... I'll go see it! I can remember years ago the critics raved about 'Gosford Park'. I watched it once and was thoroughly bored... I guessed who was the murderer and commented that if Miss Marple had been the sleuth.... the movie would have ended 5 minutes after the crime was committed! It was definitely a dreary film..... yawn.
So today was a good day....... hope there are many more...........................

Dec. 23rd, 2006

draped girl and bird

Merry Christmas to all.... I'll be away a week.

Merry Christmas one and all. I'll be away from the computer for one week. I just needed to write this so you will not think I've vanished.

Dec. 20th, 2006

draped girl and bird

Welcome to The Loneliness Capital of The World

Hello there,
Can anyone tell me whatever happened to Christmas cheer? I don't know about you.... but it just seems to be missing around here. It seems like everyone is wearing themselves out, buying gifts, dashing to and from the department stores. Spending money (usually on credit) on gifts for everyone, buying the biggest and the best..... and what is the point? Aren't we supposed to enjoy this time of year? Why is it so important to buy the best gifts, the biggest gifts..... is it for the joy of giving... or are we worried that people will think less of us! After Christmas the bills come in..... and trying to pay things back haunts us. We're still paying for this up until the following Christmas! Then we start again.
Well I can tell you one person who hasn't bought one gift as yet! And isn't about to either! The only thing in my purse besides dust is moths.... no money... well that's an exaggeration.... there maybe a few 5 cent pieces.
Welcome to the Loneliness capital of the World..... I just wish that everyone could slow down and stop stressing about Christmas. No-one has time to talk, send an e-mail or to just be around.... they are desperate to get things done to entertain others, only to end up exhausted and burnt out at the end.
My daughter Alison has been to more Christmas functions than anyone can name, husband Russell has a golf day and lunch day on Friday, my other daughter Rebecca had her big work part last week.... that leaves me.... at home, nowhere to go, no invitations..... and I will be so glad when Christmas is over and done.
I know this seems such a dirge.... I'm just not happy today and if it annoys you.... then I'd hate to say how I feel about it!

Dec. 19th, 2006

draped girl and bird

Overwhelmed but happy

I am overwhelmed but so happy to be here in this community.... I was almost too scared to check my e-mails last night. In fact being honest.... I fell asleep in the living room and just hadn't the energy to check anything last night. It doesn't take much at all to tire me.... that just goes with having MS.
I must admit that Christmas is not my favourite time of the year, for some reason I am flooded with memories from the past and I cannot relax until the New Year starts. I am not going to write in depth here... but my childhood was less than happy, but after years of therapy I can say that I am a survivor! I had to stop seeing my psychiatrist this year because I could no longer drive to see him, there are times when having MS is a real pain! I have spoken to my Doctor about finding a new therapist next year. Wish me luck.... I will need it.
I get so overwhelmed when people rush around.... I think Christmas is just too hectic..... I just want the World to slow down. I attended my Church's Carols by Candlelight on Sunday and even that was held at a frantic pace. Nevertheless... a good time was had by all.
I will be missing from my computer from this Saturday until either just before or just after New Year. I will miss this place, the friends I've made and the communities I have joined.
I may add to this entry later.... but for now I will stop here for now.

Dec. 16th, 2006

draped girl and bird

Okay... be at peace I was looking in the wrong spot!

In relation to my last bit of writing, I was searching for topics in the wrong area... but I have indeed found several enjoyable communities... so I am feeling happier.

Dec. 15th, 2006

draped girl and bird

Well I can't say I'm impressed

I have been browsing through the lists of people and communities here, but overall I am just not sure that I know what to look for. I am sure that I would enjoy some friendships here, but I just don't know where to look! I do enjoy music from classic rock, music of the 60's and 70's, classical music, good movies, books...... writing...... but I am not sure that I could write on the one topic enough to even hold my interests. I looked for chronic illness support..... found nothing. There are times I can be a good supporter of others..... current events, workplace issues? Nothing. I think I'm a middle of the road type of conversationalist..... I can talk over lots of things covering a range of issues. Are there others out there over 40 who don't want to talk about Britiney Spears or the latest hot date? Look, I'm not trying to be cruel here..... just realistic!
So I'm not too impressed with all this yet.... I'm not giving up, but there is more to life than this!

Dec. 14th, 2006

draped girl and bird

Not Sure where to start... a little nervous

Last night as I lay down to sleep... I wondered if I had done the right thing, creating my blog space here. I have this habit of pushing myself to the limit, then falling in a heap! Now that I have Multiple Sclerosis... I cannot push myself as fast or as hard. I need a place to retreat to and to find maybe a few like minded friends. I used to think I had a lot of interests.... but now that I am basically housebound.... I often just have so little to share..... I bore myself silly.
I like to talk about a lot of things.... I just have to remember them when I sit down to type. It hasn't been easy for me to accept having MS.... but accept it I must. My life these past few years has been very traumatic. I was a Registered Nurse for over 30 years, working in aged care.... but I was bullied and harassed by my last two employers and even after 2 years I still suffer Post Traumatic Stress. Sadly I got absolutely no help from the authorities, or the government, my union ignore me. It concerns me that the workforce is so full of bullying and bad work practices.... and that so many others out there suffer in pain whilst the powers that be... bury their heads in the sand! In many ways... I prefer being poor and disabled, than to be treated so badly.
I have to admit that it is a lot easier to live now.... I feel free and rested now that I can no longer work. Who needs that stress in my life?
I look forward to sharing more about the ups and downs of my life, maybe help a few.... share some light moments as well. Yes.... I can still smile and laugh.... 'Life is the journey..... not the destination!'

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