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draped girl and bird

Warriors for Innocence?

I am angry..... very angry and not with Live Journal. Who are these warriors who feel they have the right to hold witch hunts on the web? I applaud their motives..... paedophiles are an abomination and who of us wants to see children being targetted? I agree there are some very objectional sites out there..... that are still there. So while Live Journal has been smeared with propaganda.... these sites remain there! It strikes me that this blog group may find themselves targetting people that may not be offenders. They post photos and whilst I am not saying that any of those 'offenders' that are posted there are innocent..... this group is 'playing with fire'.
I am angered that these bloggers feel that they are the ONLY ones out there to save the children? Do they want a medal or an award for service? Aren't there agencies out there who are supposed to be monitoring and dealing with offenders?
To my way of thinking this is a vigilante group full of their own self importance. Maybe their motives are sound..... but surely what happened in Salem should stand as a warning. A lot of innocent women were hanged as witches.
I tried to leave a message at their site..... but it wasn't displayed.... so I am putting it here on Live Journal. These people may be genuine in their desire to help..... but they are not the only people who care about the welfare of children! I have no patience for vigilantes or witch-hunters.

I am an Australian.... I spell pedophile as paedophile'


Great post! I agree with every word! They have closed comments because they cannot take the backlash they are responsible for.

They claim that live Journal did the mass delete on their own. However before Live Journal's user base found out about them they were boosting about how they had gotten the journals and communities suspended and forced Live journal to obey them by threatening to go to their sponsors and spread things like "Do you know you are ding business with Live Journal who freely supports pedophiles?"

Another thing to be careful of is believing that they have caught or taken down any offenders, they post no proof except their anonymous words. They really like patting themselves on their own backs.

Lastly they claim that if you do not believe 100 percent as they do, that you are a pedophile or a pedophile sympathizer.
Thank you! I cannot bear their self righteous attitude. This is how vigilante groups are formed and we don't need this. I hope that the support groups at LJ will be re-formed. I am sure that this group will post a picture of an innocent man one day... and goodness knows what damage this will do!
I agree with you 100%. Where is the right to free speech of survivors? I do not have any of the "forbidden" words in my profile, but I was abused by my father and have written about that at times in my journal. Will I find myself abruptly deleted one day?
Yes.... this is a vigilante group and sadly they are fanatics. They are totally obsessed with power and in so many ways they hinder those that do seek out paedophiles and other abusers. I am sad though that so many people are obsessed with porn journals..... there is so much more to life than porn. I feel more upset for the survivors of abuse because this evil group has attacked without much thought at all. I too was abused by my father.... before I was 5! I agree with you too!