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draped girl and bird

In danger of another pity party?

Try as I might last night..... I couldn't seem to lift myself out of the Depression! I was very much in danger of starting another Pity Party, but I decided that I was going to be brave and try and see a few positives in my life! I'm not too sure that it worked, but I avoided driving anyone crazy and that is something.
One of the reasons that I was upset over the politician's court case.... was the fact that he was helping me! For the past 2 years I have been battling Post Traumatic Stress due to the fact I was bullied and harassed out of my last 2 Nursing jobs. I tried every which-way to get justice and get someone to hear me! No-one wanted to know! I wrote letters and searched on-line.... but I got nowhere. This MP phoned me just before Christmas and told me that he would help me if he could. He wrote a letter on behalf of me to the minister of health. I thought that finally something was happening. Now I feel shattered and scared that once more my dilemma will be ignored. I am tempted to ask "WHY ME?"
There is not a lot I can do about this..... and I need to move on away from this.... I know that is true! However it's hard after working 30 years as a Registered Nurse to end up 'thrown out' and unfairly treated.


(((hugs))) hon... I know I'm not around much lately (due to helping Clay move), but I know what you mean about being upset and having it stress you out... and then, quite often, affecting your health. When I get amgry or stressed, I start to shake or I'm unable to control my hands. I can't even speak correctly. Ot's scary how much is affected by stress and emotional distress.
LJing really helps me. I vent sometimes, and sometimes, I write private entires only to myself. I feel better once it's "out there," you know? It's been a lifesaver for me. I see my therapist once a week but sometimes, I need to vent and I feel better.

I miss having a career, too. Some people (mistakenly) think that I do nothing but sit on my butt all day long. I'd give almost anything to have a worthwhile career and feel like I'm able to *do* something. I know that I do things that "count" in my life, but I miss feeling needed and worthwhile in that regard. Money isn't everything, and that's not even the primary reason I'd like to be able to work again. I miss teaching a lot of the time. I miss being around kids. I grieve not having kids of my own.

I don't mean to go on and on, but please know... you have someone that understands. You have a friend.

(((more hugs)))

Thanks Lori

thanks so much..... I know you have been busy, I have kept up with your entries.... I don't feel forgotten.... and I'm happy things are going well for you. Sending (((((((more hugs)))))))) right back
I'm sorry...Hopefully the letter he wrote in your behalf will still be taken in consideration regardless of his personal circumstances. This world is lacking in true justice and only God can put some things right...which I'm currently waiting on myself.

Reply to my entry

Thank you so much.... it feels good to have the support of understanding friends.... I am blessed...... hugs to you
Check this link out...it's a USA Today article geared for American's, but the thought is the same of the lose of the ability to be a valuable contributing member of society is tramatic, for everyone.

It's a very Rude experience of the wish to obtain security, followed by the guilt of no longr being a contributing member of society.

It's my biggest issue. It's an issue for lot's. When it happens, it can't be happening to me! So this article reports, that some lose a job for different reasons, then illness seals the deal & makes it perminant before it should be. Many deal with that. Here is the link to that article:


Good Luck with your acceptance of it. It's one of those thing we don't have a choice. I think it's an acceptance thing.
What exactly was this MP going to do anyway?

Get you $ compensation, for you job loss?
Get you re-employed? At a different job site? Or the same?
Get you a formal apology?
Get you a public apology?
Get someone who was responsible fired?

I'm not sure what you expected from him.
I'm not sure you know either.
I'm not in Australia, so I don't know how the system works there.

Maybe, To get your date of disability back dated to your loss of employment - that could be it. And it would be a just cause, something I could understand. Otherwise I don't really understand your dilema.


The MP was writing to the health minister to get an investigation started if possible. I was called a liar and incompetent...... my self esteem was shattered. After 30 years this was unfair. I was bullied and harassed in my last 2 jobs..... and I wasn't alone. I needed someone to hear me, I need people to stop burying their heads in the sand over bullying.... because it is a disease worse than Cancer! I have no desire to work again, nor do I care about an apology...... I think I am basically angry because I asked for help and not one person was able to do so. I was given no resources, no counselling and my bullies got away with it. No human being deserves this treatment.
Bullying starts at school but bullies rarely grow out of it.... they become bullies in the work force.
The MP told me that he couldn't guarantee he could help..... but after 2 years this was a huge gift to me! He heard me...... now I'm sad for him because he's being crucified by the media.
If nothing can be done I'll have to accept it..... but I still feel my name has been blackened.... Bullying is a disease that should be approached head on..... but everyone just buries their heads in the sand !

Re: Acceptance

Thank you for replying. It sounds like your reason to pursue this is on that I didn't list. Kind of altrusitic. To make sure it can't happen to anyone else in the future. Your experience is done, but you can make sure it never happens to anyone else in the future.

That's what your answer sounded like to me. To make sure there is an adaquate policy for any person in the future to follow in disputes such as this.

I hope you get some $ out of it too. At least your counseling paid for. That's what laywers do here. That 43 year old in Britian, just won a L10,000 lawsuit against the NIH, because doc's didn't tell him he probably had MS, though they charted it. And had he known he had MS in his future, he would have been better able to prepare for it. I have alot of tim on my hands to read stuff like this. Good Luck with your endevour.


Re: Acceptance

Thank you so much for your very intelligent comments. If I ruled the World.... I'd stamp out bullying. As that will never happen.... I can only offer my story to help others... if I can. Of course I still feel angry and hurt.... but after 2 years there has been some healing... in time I will accept it better.