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draped girl and bird

Feeling better despite the heat

The heat was so bad today..... over 42 degrees Celsius.... over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.... and that is definitely not good for anyone who has MS. I just couldn't sit here and type today and I had huge plans to write and share. I was still very upset over the way that Minister was treated, I couldn't sleep so at 3am I wrote to the newspaper. I am not at all confident that it will be printed and I don't care, it helped me feel better and I did get a few hours sleep. I said my piece and my mind could finally relax.
I understand that many people are of the opinion that I should just accept what happened to me (the bullying and harassment)..... but how can I do that without anyone to at least hear me out? Acceptance of a situation such as this is a process, it takes time and it can be made easier when you are allowed to have help to deal with it. I worked 30 years as a Registered Nurse, I made my fair share of mistakes..... but I worked very hard for the elderly people I cared for. The treatment I got was uncalled for and unfair. A lot of people are bullied and they face an uphill battle to get help and I think it's wrong.
That Minister was the only person who bothered to listen and that was such a huge gift to me. He was honest with me, saying he may not be able to help me at all..... and you know that was fine by me! I am sad for him now.... but there is little I can do!
Please do not think that I am wallowing in complete self pity over this..... it's just a cruel way to end your career.
I am making the best of it now, I have no other choice..... it just angers me that society buries it's head in the sand over this issue.
I went to another blog site and joined it yesterday, but after checking it all out, I decided that it was not even a quarter as good as Live Journal. So I cancelled that account....... I'll never go back to My Space!
In myself.... I am feeling a lot happier with life...... just wish it wasn't so hot!


Re: Both communities

I hope you enjoy my photos. It will nice to get to know you.

Re: Both communities

I love the photos and wish I was good at it. My daughter has a digital camera.... but she's hardly at home so I never get there to get some photos. This will change I hope!